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About Me

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked as a childcare provider for two decades. Working with children highlighted, for me, the value of compassion, empathy, encouragement, and alternative forms of communication. Feeling uniquely qualified to provide others with these types of support, an education in Art Therapy felt like a natural next step.


Having earned a BA in Studio Art, I enrolled in a dual degree MA program in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy, graduating in 2015. I am registered as an ATR with the national Art Therapy Credentials Board and licensed as an LMFT with the BBS. I have worked with a broad range of people including neurodiverse people, veterans, folks with mental illness diagnoses, transitional-age youth, children, families, couples, polyamorous relationships, LGBTQ+ folks, in groups and with individuals.


I am deeply committed to helping people of all backgrounds, interests, identities and orientations channel the inherent therapeutic benefits of being creative. I am confident that, through the implementation of Art Therapy, and facilitation and promotion of creativity in general, a better quality of life can be achieved in both our personal lives and our communities.  

My Approach

My approach to Art Therapy is absolutely personalized and rooted in warmth, acceptance and unconditional positive regard. Driving the therapeutic process forward is a collaboration between myself and my client to identify intellectual, emotional and behavioral patterns, symbolism, and many other forms of connection. We do this by taking our cue from choices made with regard to art materials, color, form, light, shadow, tucks, folds, dimension, texture, tools… I have the utmost confidence that within the act of creating art lays clarity and vision... While we create, we are discovering connections uniquely detectable through this process and relating them to our emotional well-being. And with this perspective, we can transcend our limitations and find innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

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