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I have extensive training and experience in Art Therapy programming. I provide quality consulting to those wishing to incorporate enriching therapeutic art experiences into their curriculum. 


Therapeutic art programming is an invaluable resource for schools, workshops, retreats, resorts, companies, support groups, community centers, and even couples, families and friends.


  • Are you seeking effective morale-boosting  group activities for your staff?

  • Do you want to add a unique therapeutic element to a yoga summit? 

  • Are you the programming coordinator for a senior center?

  • Do you want to explore meaningful new ways to bond with your family or friends?


I can help!

Therapeutic art programming promotes:





 Group Cohesion



Sense of Belonging


Based on your specific situation and space, I will provide tailored, detailed advising on how to conduct therapeutic art programming that is:



Supplied with Engaging Materials

Sustainable and Green

Optimally Organized, Scheduled and Conducted 


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